Internet Ukraine 23.06.2022

Silence féminin: Introduction

Natasha Chychasova
Interview Latvia 23.06.2022

Through the Screen. Riga Photography Biennial 2022 curators and artist in conversation

Tytus Szabelski in conversation with Inga Brūvere, Marie Sjøvold, Krišs Salmanis, Sigrid Viir and Cloe Jancis
Interview Macedonia 23.06.2022

Q+A: Brashnar Creative Project [Skopje]

Kathryn Zazenski, Ankica Mitrovska, Kenneth Moore
Interview Czechia Poland 23.06.2022

I’m Fascinated by the Feminism and Radicalism that is Born in the Kitchen

Aleksandra Łukaszewska in conversation with Liliana Zeic