3 June 2019

‘Flying Inn’ at Pragovka Gallery

Karima Al-Mukhtarové. Photo: Marcel Rozhon
‘Flying Inn’ at Pragovka Gallery
Karima Al-Mukhtarové. Photo: Marcel Rozhon

The Flying Inn exhibition is organically divided into several sections, designed as a dynamic, changing stream of incoming experiences, as a moving spiralling wave, revealing the breadth of contemporary approaches to visual communication, whose participants use a diverse range of expression (painting, sculpture, installation, video projection, computer communication) as a means of expressing both an overt and a hidden form of an intermediate state in which the incoming mingles with the fading, in which the space of existence has become an all-encompassing presence that has displaced the awareness of time and place.

Anna Hulacova, photo: Marcel Rozhon
Anna Hulacova, photo: Marcel Rozhon
Anezka Hoskova, photo: Marcel Rozhon
Veronika Landa, photo: Marcel Rozhon
Filip Cerny, photo: Marcel Rozhon
David Pesa, photo: Marcelt Rozhon
Pavel_Simicek, photo: Marcel Rozhon
Lucie Navackova's installation and Pavel Trnka's paintings, photo: Marcel Rozhon
Pasta Oner, photo: Marcel Rozhon
Robo Paluch, photo: Marcel Rozhon

The installation, connecting about fifty authors of various age generations, carried out with regard to the possibilities of individual exhibition halls, is based on thematic units, which always deal with a common idea (e.g. consumerism, language of abstract forms, renewal of visual experience, machine-nature relationship, personal life stories). In whole is the exhibition reviving about 2,000 m2 of strong, penetrating industrial space of former warehouses and production halls.

With regard to the number of exhibiting artists and the extent of the exhibition, it can be said that the Flying Inn is basically a unique achievement in the Czech context. Despite this, the curator of the exhibition, Karel Srp, tried to approach each author as an autonomous and unmistakable creative subject whose work tells something about the contemporary world in a unique way without regard to whether or not his creator is renowned and known, or publicity so far rather escaping. Among other things, the curator of the Flying Inn exhibition points out that: “…it presents works from the studios that were created in Pragovka for the past two years, while the idea of the exhibition is shared housing, rentals, which are the most typical feature of Prague over the past few years”.

Karima Al-Mukhtarové. Photo: Marcel Rozhon
Martin Kana, photo: Marcel Rozhon
Martin Kana, photo: Marcel Rozhon
Juraj Schikor, photo: Marcel Rozhon
Dominik Lang, photo: Marcel Rozhon
Tomas Benadik, photo: Marcel Rozhon

Given the meaning of the exhibition, the connection of the words Flying Inn is eloquent. Curator Karel Srp points out: “The title of the exhibition is a metaphor for movement and transformation, instability, unexpectedness, stimulus, free flow of thought and imagination, plurality of opinion, existing in one common object, which is a common home-studio for its inhabitants, but when one goes out to the exhibition place, located a short distance from the studios, so suddenly the work of is residents goes to another level, the privacy becomes a common phenomenon.”


ExhibitionFlying Inn
Place / venuePragovka Gallery, Prague
Dates6 April - 6 June 2019
Curated byKarel Srp

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