19 September 2018

What To See at Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2018

David Wojnarowicz, Beautiful People, 1988
What To See at Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2018
David Wojnarowicz, Beautiful People, 1988
Warsaw means not only political scandals taking place in front of the Parliament building, demonstrations in the defense of the Constitution or women’s rights – it is also a great gallery scene.

The artistic season is traditionally inaugurated with the Warsaw Gallery Weekend and if you think about a trip to the Polish capital, it is best to do it just right now. This edition is unique due to the participation of many galleries from outside Warsaw. What is worth seeing and where to go? As insiders, we have prepared for you a list of the most interesting events of upcoming weekend. Please note, this material is not sponsored!

Foksal Gallery Foundation
Paweł Althamer, Robert Anton

It is difficult to predict how would world famous artist Paweł Althamer astonish us this time (apparently it will be a big bull made together with his son), but even the more mysterious for us is Robert Anton, a puppeteer. However, a trip to the Foksal Gallery, the most influential Polish gallery managed by Andrzej Przywara, is obligatory. Like a glass of wine on a great terrace with a fantastic view of city center.

High Gallery
Nickolai Zhuk, Louis Gary, Bugs And Bodies
Przemek Pyszczek, Polonez

A surprising phenomenon straight from Poznan – High Gallery was created by a duet of graduates of UAP, Kseniya Kozun and Kola Zhuk. During WGW, they will show the original combination of works by Zhuk and Gary, and additionally a second exhibition – of Przemek Pyszczka, a Polish artist known mainly abroad. High Galerry’s choices are cool commercial art. More examples of interesting Ukrainian art, mainly photography, can be found in the Czułość Gallery and the Fort Institute of Photography.

Dawid Radziszewski Gallery
Ewelina Chrzanowska, Joanna Piotrowska, Adam Rzepecki

On the occasion of moving to a new place Dawid Radziszewski shows old exhibitions, but really good ones. We have already seen them and highly recommend.  The only phenomenon more interested than these exhibitions is the dealer himself. Radziszewski has not only a great nose for art, but also a sense of humor. You just have to meet him

Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Gallery with a consistent international profile, is committed to cooperation with young artists and post-internet-oriented style. Piktogram imposes the WGW pace and inspires galleries to fight for international artists and art collectors. The dealer, Michał Woliński, is super-cool and so are the artists.

Polana Institute
Wonder Woman

The name sounds serious, but it’s really just a commercial gallery, only that it’s ephemeral. However, the composition of the exhibition is impressive, and the topic is intriguing – the struggle with the stereotype of superman. We are waiting for its result, although foreign names come off much better for now.

BWA Warszawa

This season, the gallery moves to the very center of the city, the iconic, socialist realist Marszałkowska Housing District (MDM). It is worth going there for just this place, but the Brzeżańska-Dobkowski-Krajewska trio, which this time decided to address the subject of the female body, will not disappoint you either. Yet, if this is not enough, you can treat yourself to a unique dessert in the form of performances of the Polish icons of performance art – the duet of Małpeczki on Saturday and Marta Ziółek on Sunday.

Potencja Gallery

You should not expect professionalism of this gallery, but it will definitely be fun. The young Krakow’s trio of super hot painters does what works best in Krakow, a marketplace. Since there will be a lot of young artists presented, it is a great moment to see what’s interesting in young art from Poland.

Szara Gallery
Dominika Kowynia, Double bind

It is time for import of good art from Silesia Katowice, both in terms of gallery and painter. Our editor Piotr Policht reviewed the painting of Kowynia in following way: “The paintings of Dominika Kowynia are socially engaged, but not didactic, ambiguous, cool, yet never fully approachable.”

Śmierć Człowieka
Ada Zielińska, Let it die

This is not a gallery, rather a “hang out spot”, partying location with art included. If you want to go to a typical Warsaw house-party, you have to be there. Who knows, maybe the exhibition will be fun too.

Raster Gallery
If I Were the Moon

Usually WGW starts at the Foksal Gallery Foundation and ends at Raster Gallery. This year, this is all the more justified by the main theme of the exhibition – that is intimate connections between contemporary art and vodka. We will certainly not miss this event.

Translated by Greta Julianna Wierzbińska


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