19 February 2024

BLOK Editorial Team Resignation

Dear BLOK magazine community,

After several years of dedicated work and profound care for BLOK magazine, we, the editor-in-chief team, have resigned from our post
to establish a new platform, MOST magazine (www.mostmagazine.org / @mostmagazine__).

We have spent our time since 2021 shaping BLOK in a way that reflects our values and interests, working closely and tirelessly with writers, artists, and cultural workers around the world. The decision to leave has been a very painful one to make, but necessary to ensure that we can continue publishing critical journalism at the intersection of art, culture, and politics in a way that is healthier and more supportive for us, our writers, and the artists we feature.

We are currently pouring our energies into the development of MOST and will welcome you very soon to read the texts and access the exhibitions you have come to know and trust through our work at BLOK.

MOST aims to be a critical cultural resource that is sustainable for its editors and authors in terms of both professional and affective labor.

We are grateful for your readership, allyship, and friendship, and hope you will continue this journey with us through MOST.

Ewa Borysiewicz
Vera Zalutskaya
Katie Zazenski
the co-editor-in-chief team of MOST magazine

www.mostmagazine.org @mostmagazine__



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