7 March 2022

What can we do?

On the morning of Thursday, February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine. In the few short days since then, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and thousands have been killed. Missiles are striking institutions, infrastructure, and residential buildings. 

We stand together with Ukrainian artists, culture workers and all citizens of Ukraine in their homeland and abroad. You are not alone in this horrible situation; we hope for and demand strong solidarity both in gesture and in action and so with that, we would like to offer Blok as a platform. If you have ideas about how best we can do this, or information that needs to be disseminated or collected, please write to: editor@blokmagazine.com

We are sisters and brothers in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and all that you fight for.

ARTISTS AT RISK list of residencies (+ more resources, such as initiatives outside of Artists at Risk network, educational institutions offering accomodation)





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