Q&A: Æther

Kathryn Zazenski, Voin de Voin
Sofia Art Week 2020, Swan Song, TinTin Patrone
Q&A: Æther
Sofia Art Week 2020, Swan Song, TinTin Patrone

Æther Sofia was founded in 2016, and, led by Voin de Voin. is an independent art space located in the center of Sofia, Bulgaria. It organizes solo and group shows, presenting the work of international artists, scientists, and activists. A hotbed for critically engaged artistic and curatorial practices, Æther considers the exhibition space as an experimental platform.


In addition to exhibitions, Æther offers an extensive program of events, collaborating with many partners from Sofia and far beyond. In general, the art space engages with various formats to bring people together and enable critical discourse.

In 2018, Æther Haga opened, a sibling space to the Bulgarian mother ship in The Hague, The Netherlands. Run by artist Marie Civikov, the program of Æther Haga is closely aligned with that of Æther Sofia, but in a lower frequency with space for reflection on the political-social situation that has different dynamics in “that other side of Europe“. With projects like Wild Wild Æst (2020), Æther aims at fostering critical discourse on the relationship between »the West« and »the East,« assuming that the two cities of Sofia and The Hague may be regarded as symbols of this former dichotomy.


Working from Sofia and Haga, today we have two websites, one of which functions more as an archive now. One day we will combine the best of both into one.


Archive: https://aethersofia.wixsite.com/artspace

Æther Sofia: https://aether-artspace.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aetherartspace/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aethersofia


Rosa Stern at Aether for Sofia art week image courtesy of Voin de Voin


Was it a good idea?

the one that gives you no rest!

Who/what has held you up?


Is there a limit?

like a speed limit on the highway

What do you need?


What has been given and what do you take?

all has been given and all has been taken

Is it sustainable?

as much as desire is

Rosa Stern at Aether for Sofia art week image courtesy of Voin de Voin

What is the shape?

a shapeshifting cosmic snake

Does it fit?

it’s too big

Future or Past?



not always

What do you measure?

sexual organs

Digital or physical?

neither – mental

Why do you stay?

i love hotels

Is it enough?

the world is not enough

Michaela Lakova, Past-Present Utopian dream for nu(un)clear future, Sofia, 2018
Sofia Art Week image courtesy of Voin de Voin


Sofia Art Week image courtesy of Voin de Voin
SAW 2019, Great or Late_ - Soft Power Camp
Kinga Kielczynska, Post Enlightenment, Sofia, 2018
School of Kindness workshop with Sorour Darabi


Place / venueÆther Sofia/Hague

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