21 January 2022

New Blok: Announcement

To our readers:


2021 brought some changes for all of us at Blok Magazine, and so with the ringing in of the new year we wanted to take this opportunity to share our new vision for the magazine.


Blok Magazine has always and will continue to function as an English-language contemporary art journal that focuses on the region that is known as Central and Eastern Europe, focusing attention on the artistic and cultural practices, the mapping of different local identities and common experiences of the people living and/or working here. We aim to be an international resource for art writing, exhibitions, projects, and critical actions presented by historically underrepresented communities and peoples. 

Blok has also adopted a policy of minimal intervention when editing our texts, in honor of the diverse language experiences of our contributing writers and cultural workers. We recognize and are working to subvert the patriarchal and colonialist history that shapes our use of the English language, and instead strive to support the flexibility that exists within English-language communication. 

We will also be changing our publishing format. The Eyewitness section will continue to be regularly updated while the rest of our content will shift to monthly publication, appearing on our site on the third Thursday of every month. 

We will continue to welcome submissions from cultural workers in both conventional and non-traditional fields who are dealing with contemporary, critical culture, and sincerely look forward to serving our community, locally and globally. 


The Blok Magazine Editorial Team:

Ewa Borysiewicz

Tytus Szabelski

Agata Sznurkowska

Vera Zalutskaya

Katie Zazenski



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