24 February 2018

#fbtakeover #zuzagolińska

Zuza Golińska
Zuza Golińska
#fbtakeover #zuzagolińska
Zuza Golińska
Artist Zuza Golińska describing herself in twenty hashtags for Blok Magazine.



Most recent I have seen:

Jordan Wolfson “Riverboat song”

Arthur Jafa “Apex”


Most recent, by Adam:

While working:

At home:






If I have any it’s in my works.


“Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” by Linda Nochlin



Really didn’t feel like answering this one, sorry.




Timing is that you work a lot and never stop.


I do party, prefer not to go into details tho.


My job.


My father during the martial law in Poland super happy with what seems to be a lot of cash. My fav childhood book with some parental love going on there. My mother on the picture from couple of years ago (picture I keep in my wallet).


Sopot and the crew I grew up with. Sea, landscape, parties, athletics stadium, forest, adventures. Adam, Gosia, Stachu, Julia, Chinaski, Tobiasz and many more.


Emails, phone, Internet, reading, drawing, talking to people with whom I work, organizing, writing things down, thinking at all times, coming up with new works. Thursdays = Studio of Spacial Activities. Montaging my exhibitions and travelling when its show time.


Fav No.1

Fav No.2


My first notebook with landline numbers to my family and colleagues.


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