30 July 2018

#fbtakeover #larisacrunteanu

Larisa Crunțeanu
This is on the set of my film “A Small Insignificant Love”. Photography by Iulian Stanciu
#fbtakeover #larisacrunteanu
This is on the set of my film “A Small Insignificant Love”. Photography by Iulian Stanciu


This is what I recorded last time when I used the camera.

This is the last video art work I watched.


This is on repeat since yesterday, really love it and it helps me focus on administrative work which I do a lot these days.


This is how a short break during the last shooting I organized looked like. Photography by Vojin Ivkov


This is from my latest holidays in Sicily (I lived in the dry part, the part you can see in Sicilia! by Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub as well).


These are the last ones I remember:

So, Marshmello was having some trouble with police in the US and needed a place to hide. He came to live with us in Warsaw and I arranged his bed in my studio. But then he wouldn’t leave anymore and I kinda wanted to work from my desk. Plus, he was making a lot of noise, staying all day inside making his music with the volume up (see min. 1.14). So I convinced him to let me draw him another face on this bucket head so that police wouldn’t recognize him anymore and then he moved out.


I went for the premiere of a friend who’s a director. He was really disappointed about the whole experience and asked me not to enter the projection room. We stayed on the hallway and he started explaining how the financing of the film was possible through an ico of some shitcoin and he somehow put not only equipment but even himself on the chain. And then everything started fluctuating like crazy. Lights would appear and disappear, parts of the set, even actors’ costumes. While he was precipitating telling me this story I looked down and saw his feet were missing. Got very scared and woke up.


This is from the last time I set out to cook something a bit more ambitious, a red fruit cake. Sent the image to my mom and she replied saying it looks disgusting and hopes that is not meat in the pudding.


This is only when hitchhiking.


This is the first page of You Are Not I – a short story by Paul Bowles.


This is the “nut cobbler”: one of the very few porn categories where you see women smiling genuinely.


This is what I prefer these days: outdoor terraces with soccer transmission and beer.


This is to show I have a brown spot in my left eye.


This is winter on the other side of the world.


This is a shot from the last party I went to in SP. They can really party.


This is what I sometimes forget to open. 


This is siblings wearing same clothes, even if years apart.


This is where I grew up. Photo by Eduard Dedu.


This is on the set of “Scarred Hearts” by R.Jude, with fellow nurse Sarra Tsorakidis. Photo by Silviu Ghetie.

This is while performing in Public Collection by Alexandra Pirici and Manuel Pelmus at Tate, alongside Laura Andrei and Serghei Chiviriga. Photo by Benjamin Boar.


This is more like acrobatics but challenging for the body.  Shot some time ago during Xandra Popescu’s project “Between Trial and Success”, alongside Vlad Dogarescu. Photo by Alexandru Dan.

I’m also fascinated with cup stacking.


This is from the photobooth of my first mac.


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