11 March 2018

#fbtakeover #metasitu

#fbtakeover #metasitu
Founded in 2014 by Liva Dudareva and Eduardo Cassina, METASITU was born with the goal of establishing emancipatory narratives around the way we inhabit space, targeting wider audiences than traditional architectural/urbanism circles. METASITU’s work is centered on different formats of knowledge exchange and developing new tools for understanding the urban condition today for a queerer tomorrow.

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METASITU circa 2019.


Liva D + Eduardo C

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(screenshot from #tinderpolitics, a live perfomance we did last year in Brussels) ?

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“I suspect that the airport will be the true city of the 21st century. The great airports are already the suburbs of an invisible world capital, a virtual metropolis whose fauborgs are named Heathrow, Kennedy, Charles de Gaulle, Nagoya, a centripetal city whose population forever circles its notional center, and will never need to gain access to its dark heart.” J.G.Ballard

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We got more than what we bargained for

(geo location: Forever Photo Studio in Yangon)


Pizzag8 —> pop up club in Athens  ?? by Manu Scheiwiller, Gregory Blunt and Emmy Skensved ??http://www.ofluxo.net/pcnc-gregoire-blunt-and-emmy-skensved-presents-pizzag8/

Bonobo —> place in Tokyo where many magical things started for us ??? http://bonobo.jp/

ЭFIR —> WOW ✨Marked an era in Kiev✨ #justclosed

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“But because I love you, my brave equals, I wish for you a lack of courage; it’s your turn. I wish for you to no longer have the force to repeat the norm, to no longer have the energy to fabricate identity, to lose faith in what your papers say about you. And once you have lost all courage, drained with joy, I wish for you that you invent another mode of use for your bodies. It is because I love you that I desire you weak and despicable. Because it is through fragility that the revolution operates.” Paul Preciado

(From http://autonomies.org/2014/12/the-courage-of-being-ones-self-beatriz-preciado/)


This was one of the first pictures of the Earth, and for the first time, we could see not only our home, but also us vs the rest. We, as humans, established the other – the universe.

We are still working on taking better care of each other, and move love, to ourselves and our planet, but this image to us, sparkled the idea that we are in this together.


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The trailer to #everything, a videogame by by David O’Reilly, narrated by the late great philosopher Alan Watts


by George Babanski for TDCU 1ZZ

On January 2016, we joined a group of six artists, a Captain and an expedition organizer to try to reach the World’s most remote human inhabited place, the British Overseas territory of Tristan da Cunha. This remote island-community, in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, can only be reached by sea from either the Brazil or South Africa. It takes approximately a week of sailing to reach the island.

We never made it to the island, but we made the film about our lived experience on board intertwined with the history of the island: in 2005 the island’s governor wrote to the House of Lords for a colonial amendment to change Tristan’s postcode to a more ‘UK sounding one’, in order to ease on-line shopping on e-Bay and Amazon.



Kachalka, is an outdoor gym made from repurposed factory-parts, in Hydropark, one of our favorite places in Kyiv. A #place where hypermasculinity performs and informs  the built environment. A #place where bodies transform through architectural devices allowing to reach higher in the hypermasculine evolution scale.


The meals served at the canteen in the exclusion zone at Chernobyl are designed to reduce radiation levels in the body. It is also delicious.

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we found our #home #athens ?


on the top of Mount Fuji ? after climbing our way up throughout the night ?




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